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The Wide World of Magnetic Therapy Products

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The Wide World of Magnetic Therapy ProductsMagnetic therapy products became popular in the U.S. after professional athletes started using it to relieve pain. Spanish racing driver, Adrián Campos, Jr. used magnetic therapy to speed up his recovery from an injury in 2011; NFL Linebacker, Bill Romanowski was reported to sleep on a magnetic mattress pad to sleep better; many golfers believe in the benefits of magnets including many senior PGA and PGA Tour golfers who describe having used magnetic pads, magnetic insoles, magnetic belts, and of course magnetic bracelets.

It’s a Wide, Wide, Wide, World of Magnet products… If you start shopping around for magnetic therapy products online, you’ll find a variety of options, prices, and specific applications. Here are some of these products and their purposes:

Magnetic Pads for Car Seats and Office ChairsBack pain

Magnetic Therapy Shawl
Pinched nerves, rotator cuff pain, neck pain

Magnetic Earrings & Blood circulation

Magnetic Mattress PadsInsomnia and back pain

Magnetic Therapy Support for Elbows, Knees, and Wrists
Pains, sprains and spasms

Magnetic Insoles Swelling and increases circulation

Magnetic Eye Mask & Magnetic Pillow Pad
Headache relief & tension relief

At IonLoop, we believe magnetic bracelets are the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of magnetic therapy. If you read our Testimonials page, you’ll find that our customers have reported the incredible results of wearing, not one, but two powerful magnets on their wrists day after day.

Of course we are not able to make any medical claims with regards to our bracelets but some of the comments we have receive from our customers are…

  • Pain Relief, Magnetic Therapy
  • Increased body energy
  • Reduced Stress

IonLoop provides the most powerful magnets and high-quality materials for improved efficiency. Our affordable prices allow new users of magnetic therapy products to experience the benefits of magnetic therapy before committing to other, more expensive, products.

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