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U.S. Walker Cup Team Wearing IonLoop Magnetic Bracelets

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U.S. Walker Cup Team Wearing IonLoop Magnetic Bracelets

Once again, the Ionloop team is excited to be part of yet another prominent golf tournament. The Walker Cup Tournament 2011 starts tomorrow, September 10th when the U.S. Men’s team will compete for their country, proudly wearing our Ionloop negative ion and magnetic bracelets. We are always proud to announce to world when our patriotic flag bracelets are on the wrists of great athletes such as the ones forming the U.S. Men’s Walker Cup team.

The 2011 U.S. team is being regarded as one of the strongest ever to play the Walker Cup and is expected to achieve their third straight victory in the tournament. Likewise, Ionloop magnetic bracelets are strong players in the sports bracelet industry producing high quality negative ion bracelets for athletes and those looking for the benefits of magnets and negative ions.

The seven thousand people expected to be at the event will have a chance to watch the U.S. Men’s Walker Cup team face-off with Great Britain and Ireland at the sixth oldest club in the world - the Balgownie Links of Royal Aberdeen Golf Club in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Walker Cup will be televised in the United States by BBC On September giving the American public a chance to root for the U.S. team and watch them proudly wearing IonLoop bracelets featuring the American flag.

This edition of the IonLoop magnetic bracelet is not exclusive to the U.S. Men’s Walker Cup team. The “Flags of the World” collection is available for purchase on the IonLoop website. The magnetic bracelets featuring the American flag which is available in three colors: red, white, and blue.

IonLoop magnetic bracelets were manufactured with the pioneering Ion Regeneration Technology (IRT). This technology was purposefully developed to help combat the destructive effects of positive ions in our modern day environment.

Ionic Wristbands: Do Negative Ions Work?

Scientific studies on the benefits of negative ions started in the early 1930s – it’s by no means a new or “recent” topic. Numerous studies have shown that negative ionization appears to work better than placebo when it comes to treatment of mental illness like depression and seasonal affective disorder. Studies have also found negative ions to have a strong air purifying effect. While we still do not fully understand how negative ions work, it does appear that they confer some form of biological effect as they can easily be absorbed through the skin and lungs due to their extremely small particle size.


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