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Wanted at US Open: IonLoop Commemorative Sports Bracelet

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Wanted at US Open: IonLoop Commemorative Sports Bracelet

The IonLoop commemorative sport wristbands distributed at the 2013 U.S. Open have become quite a tournament favorite, worn by the 150 players, their spouses, guests and caddies.

Commemorative Sport Wristbands are Collectibles

For the last few years, players have been sporting these magnetic silicone ion bracelets that display the U.S. Open logo. Players have come to expect these customized IonLoop wristbands, and as they are made in limited quantities, they are now considered a collectors' item.

Many caddies make sport of getting their hands – or wrists, rather – on one of these limited-edition commemorative sport bracelets before they run out. IonLoop is the only bracelet the USGA includes in the gift bags that are distributed to players’ spouses or girlfriends!

The Drive Behind IonLoop’s U.S. Open Giveaway

A new group of amateur and international players will be seen wearing IonLoop customized wristbands, attracting a wave of new customers. This is also a great opportunity for the players to test the combination of magnetic power and negative ion technology that makes these bracelets so unique. We think it would be incredible if the winner of the U.S. Open held up their trophy and, in the process, revealed an IonLoop commemorative sports bracelet!

IonLoop iPhone Covers

For the first time, IonLoop is offering iPhone4 covers at the Merion Golf Club Merchandise Pavilion. These U.S. Open logo silicone cases offer great protection for expensive mobile devices adding a bit of technology to the large Merchandise Tent.

When you’re watching the U.S. Open, keep your eye on the prize – and the wrist of the person holding it up. You just might just spot an IonLoop customized wristband!


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