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What’s up with Leprechauns wearing IonLoop Green Bracelets?

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What’s up with Leprechauns wearing IonLoop Green Bracelets?

When they are not making shoes or guarding treasure, the tiny green gnomes are known to be merry-makers who drink, dance, and play music which seems to tie in nicely to late nights and Irish songs at Pubs throughout the world each March 17th. Perhaps the beer industry is guarding the Pot of Gold?

Make your own luck this week and check out our St. Patrick’s Day Specials at discounted prices through March 17th, 2013.

We all love to celebrate a wee bit on St. Patrick’s Day… drink green beer while wearing the coolest green gear! And there’s no cooler St. Patty’s Day accessory than an IonLoop bracelet!

Our team put together some awesome “St. Patrick’s Day Specials” this week! While creating special edition IonThins PAKS and a super special Irish Necklace, we stared talking about Leprechaun’s and how these petit little guys with the funny hats and all that gold got started.

It seems that the name was derived from the Irish term "leath bhrogan," meaning shoemaker, according to the site Other folks in Dublin believe the word comes from the term "luacharma'n," which means pygmy. And yet some say the mythical figures are named after the Celtic god named Lugh, pronounced "Luck”.

The Pot of Gold reference seems to be historically tied to these fairies guarding the treasure believed to have been buried by the Danes who conquered Ireland in 853.
The one detail that seems to be universally accepted is that these little guys hail from Ireland, where they make shoes and wreak havoc on unsuspecting humans.

Based on facts and stories that have been passed down, some people believe that leprechauns are magical creatures that do exist. Others believe leprechauns are simply creatures of imagination.

The legend that has been passed on for centuries is that if you can actually touch a Leprechaun you will have good luck for all your days ahead. Here at the IonLoop Texas headquarters we believe that if you touch a Leprechaun that is wearing a green IonLoop bracelet “y’all will be driving a gravy train with biscuit wheels”.

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