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Workout Plans to Improve Your Golf Game

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Workout Plans to Improve Your Golf Game

No argument that golfing is good exercise – it includes walking, strength training (if you carry your own golf bag) and core engagement – but certain exercises can help improve your golf game, boost your health even more, and help balance out parts of the body that are often overworked, underworked or overstretched during play.

So let’s get into the best types of workouts for golfers.

Yoga for Golfers
Yoga is about many things, but one of its main focuses is balance. The following poses will help increase flexibility; relax a golfer’s overworked muscles; or strengthen a golfer’s underworked muscles. If you cannot get into the full pose, please look up “modifications” to each to avoid injury.

  • Strengthen hamstrings: Bridge (while pulling heels toward glutes), warrior 1 and warrior 2
  • Stretch the quadriceps: Hero and bow
  • Increase spine flexibility to improve swing and help prevent injury: Cat/cow, forward fold, cobra, upward facing dog, lying twist, bow and bridge
  • Open shoulders to maintain or correct posture and improve range of motion: Downward facing dog, cobra, warrior 1, warrior 2, bow, plow
  • Strengthen core to help prevent lower back injury: Plank, side plank, boat

Must-do poses: If you don’t have time to run through a sequence of all the above poses, make sure to at least do bridge, bow, cobra, warrior 1 and plank.

Cardio Workout Plans for Golfers

Golfers walk an average of four miles a game. That’s great news unless the exertion compromises your performance or enjoyment of the sport. Try one or all of these low-impact cardio activities at least three times a week so you can be your best during your golf game.

  • Walking: We recommend walking one to two miles, making one of your jaunts a four-mile walk once you’re up for it.
  • Swimming: Start with 10-minute swims and work up to 30 minutes. If you can, go for a 45-60-minute swim. We recommend switching up your strokes to work different muscle groups. If you’re inexperienced, start with a paddleboard.
  • Cycling: While there is slight risk of creating curve in the back and no benefit to the core, moderate rides are a good way to build physical stamina. We recommend at least 20-30 minutes.

Strength Training for Golfers

  • Strengthen your back: Back strength is essential to good, upright posture. Try seated rows, reverse flies and back extensions (on a stability ball, a workout bench or even the floor).
  • Strengthen your core: Plank with your feet on a balance ball, oblique twists, sit-ups on an exercise ball
  • Strengthen your hamstrings: Dead lifts, hamstring curls, bridge with feet on an exercise ball

Try these exercises for six weeks, along with wearing your IonLoop sports bracelet consistently, and let us know if you see or feel a noticeable difference in your health or your golf game!


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