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Are Expensive Magnetic Bracelets Worth It?

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Magnetic Jewelry: Does Higher Cost Equal Better Performance?

If you’re in the market for a magnetic bracelet or some other form of therapeutic jewelry, you might’ve gotten sticker shock from some of the currently available options! And anytime there’s such a large variance in price between things, it might leave you wondering what’s the difference? Does a cheaper magnetic necklace or wristband not work as well as an expensive one?

The truth is, price is an important factor but only to a certain point. The first thing you should look out for are bracelets that are too cheap. In general, magnetic wristbands start at about $5 and can cost as much as a few hundred dollars or more!

The problem with cheap magnetic bracelets are multifold:

1) Low Quality Magnets

Therapeutic magnets must be potent for them to have any beneficial effect. That means refrigerator magnets don’t cut it! Bracelets that are under $20 are usually not effective and have not been measured by a gauss meter. A gauss meter is a tool that helps determine how powerful a magnet is.

2) Toxic Materials

Low cost is usually a sign that cheaper materials were used to create the bracelet. Certain plastics and paint can be hazardous to one’s health. If a manufacturer is selling wristbands that are too cheap, it’s unlikely they’re testing their products for safety.

3) Longevity

When you’re purchasing a magnetic therapy bracelet, you ideally want one that’s going to last many years. Unfortunately, cheaper options tend to fall apart within the first few months, requiring you to constantly buy a new replacement.

Does that mean you should invest hundreds into a costly wristband? Fortunately, the answer is no. There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg just so you can experience the benefits of magnetic energy.

Bracelets within the $20 to $100 range are perfectly fine and there’s really no advantage to bracelets costing more than $100. Wristbands exceeding that price are typically made with expensive gemstones, costly materials, or include a designer name. None of those traits affect the potency of the magnet itself and you can simply achieve the same results with simple silicone sports bracelets that are growing in popularity.

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, then buying a wristband with magnets and negative ions might be a good option. In this case, you get not only the benefits of magnetism but also negative ions as well.

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