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Arm Yourself Against Allergies

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Arm Yourself Against Allergies

At last, no matter where you reside across the United States, spring has indeed sprung. The shoots have pushed their way through the ground’s surface and pollination is in full swing. For many of us, that welcome news comes with watery eyes, sneezing, sore throats – all the symptoms of allergy season.

While most reach for over-the-counter antihistamines, nasal sprays, eye drops, and throat lozenges, some opt for a more holistic approach. Research has shown, for example, that consuming honey local to your area helps boost your defenses against seasonal allergic reactions. Interesting, certainly, but how much honey and how often do you actually need to ingest for maximum efficacy? There must be an easier way.

Fortunately, not only is there an easier way, it happens to be a stylish one, too. IonLoop products, like negative ion bracelets, fortified with negative ion technology, might be just the back up you need to battle the blues of springtime allergies.

Negative Ions = Nothing to Sneeze At

If you’ve never heard of negative ions or the benefits they provide, you’re probably skeptical as to how an IonLoop bracelet might help you avoid the aggravation of allergy season. Negative ions are naturally occurring, most readily found in elements like water, which partly explains why going to the beach is so beneficial. Even a walk during a spring shower helps you harness the best of what negative ions have to offer. Just what is the best that negative ions have to offer?

For most of us, it’s a rebalancing against the prevalence of positive ions that we encounter without realizing it every single day. Given society’s reliance on all things electronic, we are practically bathed in harmful positive ions wherever we go – especially if we bring our cell phones along with us. And who doesn’t do that? That’s why getting outside is so important, but springtime allergies can make getting outside a ghastly experience for many of us.

Enter the negative ion technology of IonLoop innovation. The entire collection of IonLoop products, from a variety of bracelets, to IonTime Smart Sport Watches, to IonLoop necklaces provide negative ion support, which is often further enhanced by magnetic therapy. With daily wear, it is possible to access greater physical, mental, and emotional health from your personal IonLoop accessory.

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