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Avoiding Positive Ions in the Workplace

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Avoiding Positive Ions in the Workplace

With positive ion poisoning being implicated in a wide variety of mood and mental disorders, these dangerous little molecules might have the potential to worsen productivity for certain workers.

Employees that work with and near electronics, in industrial settings, and within enclosed building spaces might be affected by abnormally high levels of positive ions, which are said to cause lethargy, irritability, and more.

Improve Productivity at Work with Negative Ions

Here are a few ways employers can help combat positive ion pollution and potentially improve productivity of their employees:

1) Allow employees to have ample outdoor access and keep windows to buildings open if possible.

2) Growing a “workplace garden” is a great way to promote team building and foster happier employees. While some employers scoff at the idea of allowing a worker to spend time in a garden or small courtyard during work hours, it can pay off big time with reduced worker attrition and an overall more positive workplace.

3) Install negative ion generators throughout the building. Most ion generators will cover a certain number of square feet in the building, so make sure to measure their radius and install them strategically throughout your building.

4) Buy negative ion wristbands for employees. Depending on your workforce, this option might be the most cost-effective solution. Small silicone negative ion bracelets can usually be had for a few dollars each and can last many years.

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