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Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant Sport Bracelets

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Ionloop Features Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant

Our team just launched yet another exclusive collection of ion magnetic bracelets! This new line of powerful ion magnetic bracelets was created with political animals out there in mind! We call it, the “Political Animal” collection and it features two white bracelets - the Democrat Donkey Bracelet and the Republican Elephant Bracelet.

Politics are an important part of our lives and IonLoop couldn’t miss out on the chance to have fun and develop bracelets that feature the two famous political party symbols – the Republican Elephant and the Democrat Donkey.

After a huge response this summer to our red, white, and blue USA flag braceletsthat we thought why not add something to celebrate the upcoming conventions and then the election in November. We are confident that there will be a great response to these witty and fun bracelets…politics are important to all American’s and this new collection promises to stir up this election year!

The democrat donkey and the republican elephant have been symbols of American politics since cartoonist Thomas Nast started using the animals to depict the parties in the nineteenth century. The donkey symbolizes democrats’ wits and bravery while the elephant represents the strong and dignified Republican Party.

Each of these one-of-a-kind ion magnetic bracelets allows our fans to show support to their political parties during this election year. Like all of our bracelets, the political bracelets contain powerful magnets and our proprietary Ion Regeneration Technology™.

For more information on IonLoop’s new Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant Bracelets click here.

How Does a Magnetic Bracelet Work?

While rarely talked about, humans do produce an electrical field that is magnetic in nature. It’s believed that by wearing a magnetic wristband, you can help balance out your body’s own magnetic field. Researchers are currently studying if magnets have the potential to help with issues like chronic pain, inflammation, and more. While it’s not well understood how therapeutic magnets work, many people report a better sense of wellbeing, more energy, and less stress when wearing their own wristband. In fact, many people believe they make such a difference in their lives that they wear multiple bracelets and some people never take theirs off!


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