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​Don’t be a Scrooge: How to Give Back While Keeping Your Distance

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Don’t be a Scrooge: How to Give Back While Keeping Your Distance

With the new year right around the corner (thank goodness!), we’re taking a moment to share how you can give back this season, while still keeping socially distant. As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away so much from so many; in some cases, the losses have been extreme and immediate, as others continue to struggle against ongoing economic strain with businesses struggling to stay open.

In other words, there is plenty of need to go around, which means ample opportunities to give back safely.

Shop Small… and Smart

Small businesses, in particular, suffered serious losses due to the coronavirus. Many are struggling to stay afloat and would really benefit from your patronage. Look to vendors and retailers in your community and show your support by purchasing from them instead of big-box stores, when possible.

Depending on the current restrictions in your community, you can probably still shop safely, in person, while wearing masks and being respectful of social distancing requirements. Some stores might even offer curbside pickup, following sales made over the phone or online. Take a few minutes to research what’s available in your neighborhood and show your support to those small businesses you want to see stay open after this pandemic is finally over.

If you have items on your list that cannot be purchased from small businesses or shopkeepers in your community, make an effort to buy from larger retailers who are committed to making a positive impact with their profits. Here is a handy list of companies that give back a portion of your purchase.

Take Inventory

If you’re like many of us, you probably have an excess of clothes that you no longer wear for any number of reasons. Take inventory of your wardrobe and make a bag of items that are in good condition and might be appreciated by someone else. Dropping off bags to your local shelter or clothing collection box allows you to give back to your community while maintaining social distance.

You don’t have to stop at clothes either. Books, toys, and even gently used household items could really make a difference in someone’s holiday this year.

Feed the Need

Many grocery stores have pre-packaged bags of groceries that you can purchase, which will then be delivered to those in need this season. If you feel more comfortable, place an online grocery order for delivery or pick up and be sure to include plenty of non-perishables that you can drop off to nonprofits in your area.

The Gift of Time

Volunteering your time or skills remains one of the most impactful ways to give back and help make a difference. Whether that means masking up and dishing out warm meals at your community food pantry, donating blood or offering your assistance or expertise online, there are lots of ways to volunteer, despite current restrictions. For those who need or prefer to take every precaution and stay home, All for Good publishes a list of ways you can volunteer remotely.

Keep in Touch

Finally, we suggest keeping in touch and keeping tabs on those folks in your community who continue to be very isolated from friends and loved ones during this time. Whether the elderly or infirm or the spouse of a deployed service member, be mindful of those around you and watch out for each other.


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