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​Don’t Sweat Summertime Watersports

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Don’t Sweat Summertime Watersports

All set to make a splash this summer? Ever done so after forgetting to take off a favorite watch? Didn’t that put a damper on your day?

Fortunately, with IonLoop accessories, like our negative ion bracelets, you don’t need to worry. Designed for maximum durability, our negative ion bracelets, magnet bracelets, and smart watches are all waterproof, so you can make a splash without giving it a second thought.

Why Waterproof?

Given the amount of research and development we invest in our products, it’s no wonder we want our customers to wear our accessories, all the time, anywhere they go. This includes the water. So many of our customers are avid athletes -- even at amateur status -- and many of them opt to participate in water sports, like swimming, surfing, and even sailing, whenever possible.

But for our fan base that either fears the water or just feels better on firmer footing, we still think waterproofing is important. After all, some of our customers unwind by fishing, either from the shore or after setting sail. Waterproofing their watches and negative ion bracelets is just as critical.

The most critical aspect of our accessories, however, is their foundation in negative ions. We know that all of us are barraged by positive ions every day, which is why we design our products to consistently counteract the harmful potential of positive ions. That means there’s no need to remove your negative ion bracelet or smart watch -- even in the shower.

Supporting our customers’ overall health and well-being is why we started IonLoop in the first place. Waterproofing our line of innovative accessories ensures that you can access the benefits of negative ions, no matter what.

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