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​Double Whammy: Men’s Health and Father’s Day!

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Double Whammy: Men’s Health and Father’s Day!

The month of June is about more than backyard barbeques.

First of all, June 20 marks Father’s Day -- a day to celebrate dads and father figures of all sorts. Part of that celebration includes the fact that June is also “men’s health month” which brings awareness to many different conditions and illnesses that affect the male population. It is only fitting that men’s health awareness is observed in June because it pairs so nicely with Father’s Day!

Since June is dedicated to dads, as well as their health and well-being, let’s highlight some healthy traditions to keep them young, fit, and feeling good. Our dads do so much for us, it is important to remind them of what they should be doing for themselves.

Go Au Naturel!

The first tip for protecting men’s health is eating natural foods. Encourage your grill master to lean towards lean meat when purchasing ground beef and poultry. Consider the addition of fish to the menu! Salmon is a great high-protein and healthy fat fish worth considering. Whatever protein you choose, add some color by incorporating a fresh salad or perhaps some fruit skewers.

Make a Move

Next, dads have got to get moving! Exercise is essential for keeping strong and healthy. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in American men, so it is important to be active five times a week for at least 30 minutes!

Fit in that Physical!

Dads need to go to the doctor, too. Make sure the men in your life are getting their regular check-ups! Even when they insist that they feel fine. By going to the doctor regularly, your body stays in check and your primary health care provider ensures you’re up to date with tests and scans!

This Father’s Day, give your dad, grandfather, or another fatherly figure the gift of a health reminder! Shop IonLoop athletic bracelets as the perfect testament that you really care about his health. Our negative ion bands can help protect your body from the positive ions emitted by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Our therapy magnetic bracelets will be a hit for the dads who are treating June as the first month on their journey towards a healthy long life. Of course, ionic bracelets are not just for dads. Grab one for every person in the family, and embrace a healthier lifestyle together.


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