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Flags of the World Collection

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New Flags of the World Collection Features 24 Flag Bracelets

The whole world is gearing up for the major sporting events that will take place in 2012 and so is the IonLoop team! As sports fans across the globe anxiously wait for the upcoming London Olympics and Euro ‘2012, our team has developed a unique collection of IonLoop negative ion + magnet flag bracelets to get everyone cheering. The new flag bracelets are adorned with stylized flags representing 24 countries.

As the world’s fastest growing sport bracelet company, we are constantly thinking of new ways we can introduce the benefits of negative ions and magnets into people’s lives. In preparation for these major sporting events, our team has decided to create a collection of magnetic bracelets that provides more than the benefits of magnetic therapy and negative ion technology, but also gives people a chance to support their countries and show their national pride.

Events like the Olympics give us all a chance to be patriotic, root for our countrymen, and feel connected to our origins. While our American customers have been enjoying our US flag bracelets since earlier this year, we decided to give other nationalities a chance to also show their country pride. After all, these events bring together almost every culture, every race, and every nationality.

Of course, the IonLoop team was not able to create a flag bracelet for each country in the world, but we believe that the 24 flag bracelets available now are a good start!

From the British Union Jack to the distinctive design of the Brazilian flag…IonLoop flag bracelets make a statement of support for each country represented. Naturally, each flag bracelet contains our proprietary Ion Regeneration Technology™ to neutralize the destructive effects of our modern day environment and the most powerful magnets known to science.

After the huge success of our US flag bracelets, we are sure that there will be a great response to these colorful flag bracelets.





What are the Benefits of Wearing an Ion Power Bracelet?

Famous athletes around the world rely on their negative ion wristbands to make it through the day. But what do these bracelets do that make them so popular? Their secret lies in ionization technology. Positive ions, a scientific term for an atom that’s gained a positive charge, are believed to be harmful to human health. According to scientific evidence, positive ions may disrupt our natural biological processes and cause conditions ranging from mental illness to chronic fatigue. Negative ions have been shown to counteract the harmful effects of positive ions. Because positive ions are found in high concentrations in congested cities and other areas of pollution, it’s likely that we’re all exposed to them daily.


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