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Golf Bracelets Go to the Masters

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Golf Bracelets Go to the Masters

The 2018 Masters Tournament has started and IonLoop golf bracelets will be seen on the wrists of some of the top competitors. The first of four major annual golf championships, this year marks the 82nd Masters Tournament. Hosted at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, the Masters attracts patrons from around the world.

Whoever wins this year’s tournament will walk away with $1.98 million dollars. This year’s purse totals a whopping $11 million, shy of the U.S. Open’s $12 million. Expect fierce competition as 87 golfers gather in Augusta, each one vying for that unmistakable green jacket. We’re keeping an especially close watch on the competitors sporting IonLoop golf bracelets, like Rory McIlroy…

Sink that Putt!

What’s with professional golfers like Rory McIlroy, Fred Couples, Ryan Palmer, and Lexi Thompson and top teaching professionals like Butch Harmon and Michael Breed -- to name a few -- embracing IonLoop golf bracelets on the fairways and outside the ropes? They’re all in on a little secret. Of course, it’s no secret that professional athletes strive for optimal health, targeted conditioning, and mental clarity in order to bring their “A” game. But, what these professional golfers (and so many others, including amateur and even non-athletes) understand is the power of negative ion and magnetic technology.

When you hear negative ion technology, think nature. Negative ions exist in nature, which is why so many of us just feel better, calmer, more ourselves, when we spend time at the beach, on a hike, or just away from the din of daily life. Part of that din hums to the beat of positive ions, which are actually quite harmful. The bad news is, we’re all pretty much surrounded -- practically all the time. Between our cell phones, laptops, e-readers, televisions -- really, electronics of all sorts -- our negative ion supply is constantly challenged and, very often, downright drained.

When you hear magnetic technology, think increased blood flow which may result in efficient flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body. Magnets have been around for centuries.

For that reason, it’s crucial to access nature as often as possible and replenish the negative ions in our bodies. Is that always easy or convenient? Of course not. Which is why IonLoop has made every effort to deliver negative ions in a consistent and convenient way.

Simply choose from the stunning collection of negative ion bracelets available on the website and treat yourself to a daily infusion of negative ions, which have been celebrated for their ability to support overall physical, mental, and psychological health.

Of course, you don’t have to be a top competitor or professional athlete of any kind to benefit from a negative ion boost. We all need negative ions and the variety of colors, styles, and sizes on the IonLoop website will complement any personality, lifestyle, or professional environment. As a matter of fact, you can even customize your own! No matter your preference, IonLoop golf bracelets are durable, stylish, and affordable.  

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