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Golfer's and Magnetic Bracelets

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Golfer's and Magnetic Bracelets

Why Do Golfers Love Magnetic Bracelets?

You may have noticed, both male and female golfers tend to be fans of all kinds of magnetic sports bracelets. We see them worn on the green by players of all levels, as well as in pro shops and golf associations. These popular accessories are sometimes copper, stainless steel, silicone, or other fashionable combinations. 

Why do magnetic wristbands seem to be so popular with golfers?

Magnetic Sports Bands for Improved Stamina and Recovery
Players of this sport in particular seem to be perturbed by recurring joint aches, due to repeated movements that require a quick upsurge of energy. With a majority of hand swings and plenty of leaning involved - elbows, wrists, shoulders, and back are common complaint areas for golfers.

As you may know, stressed or tense muscles or previously injured muscles are more vulnerable to re-injury. For these and other reasons, golfers may turn to bracelets containing magnetic and or negative ion therapy.

Counter the Effects of Positive Ions

Positive ions from UV rays may fatigue a golfer during a four-hour round of play. However, the bracelets made by IonLoop could reduce this fatigue and improve performance by countering the negative effect of positive ions in the atmosphere.

A Word From Our Customers

While IonLoop makes no medical claims, we are happy to learn that many of our customers who are golf enthusiasts report reduced pain and stiffness after physical performance, increased energy and acuity, and quicker recovery time.

The are actual testimonials from IonLoop customers: 

  • “The fit is comfortable, and best of all, my elbow does not hurt when I play golf.”
  • “…they are sleek enough to not notice them on my wrists during training and practice and I feel like they have helped my joints as well!”
  • “I wear them every time I play and notice a sense of calm when I have them on.”

Read more here, and why not see for yourself how powerful sports wristbands for golf can be!

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