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Hot Jewelry Trend – Stacked Bracelets

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Hot Jewelry Trend – Stacked Bracelets

It begins, as always, in the fashion world- where the stacked style has been spotted for a few seasons now. Soon comes the wave of celebrities and musicians caught rocking the multiple bracelet look during festival season, and it’s official: stacked bracelets are a hot trend for 2015. We’ve seen them available in shops at all points on the fashion spectrum including La Mer, American Eagle Outfitters, David Yurman, and right here at IonLoop.

Ideas for Wearing Stacked Bracelets

The first rule of mastering the stack is – there are no rules. Let your personal style, comfort, and the occasion drive the design. 

Mix it up - Colors and materials need not match. In fact – the more varied the better, as the arms of French, Italian, and British fashion models will show.
Go Boho - Leather and beaded bracelets in a variety of colors can stack with silicone or cloth styles for a laid back, bohemian look.
Dress it Up - For a more professional or toned down style, try a trio of leather bracelets from our Braided Leather Series. Mix in a few delicate rhinestone thins for a refined flair.
Have fun - Our TRI Loop Ultra Packs are conveniently grouped in popping colors for a trendy look on the tennis court, the beach, or running around town.
Gift it – Remember friendship bracelets? The current trend is a nod to the friendship bracelets of our childhood, where each one you wore symbolized a gift from a friend. 

Can Men Wear Stacked Bracelets?

Absolutely. Beaded bracelets have carried religious symbolism for both men and women for centuries, not to mention men have been some of the biggest adopters of this trend, from athletes to rappers to movie stars. Surfer look, hello!?

A more refined men’s look consists of pairing multiple stacked bracelets over a sporty wristwatch or on both wrists, like wristbands.

Why Ion Loop?

Our customers have reported reduced knee, wrist, and joint pain, as well as a sense of calm and focus while wearing IonLoop products. We think our products may be therapeutic and fashionable at the same time, and why not do all you can to look and feel your best, starting right now?

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