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How Magnetic Bracelets Can Benefit You

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Magnetic bracelets contain within their matrix a special combination of powerful magnets, these magnets work with the body’s own magnetic field. By wearing one of the most powerful magnetic bracelets available you can potentially reap great health benefits resulting from natural magnetic therapy. While the benefits of magnetic bracelets are well understood, it is the personal testimony of those who wear them that really should be the analyzed.

M. Neal, a PGA Tour representative, swears by his IonTime. IonTime watches have powerful magnets and negative ions embedded into their steel backplate and silicon strap. He reports that “people comment on the fact that it is just the right size and not too bulky” but that its main attraction is the fact that “the IonLoop feature keeps me from getting tendonitis in my wrist and elbow.”

At IonLoop, we continuously get reviews & comments from happy customers touting the benefits they have experienced since wearing the most powerful magnetic bracelets available:

  • “They have helped my joints” - Tom, USA
  • “Has helped the pain immensely” - R. Sellers
  • “I wear them every time I play and notice a sense of calm” - L. Keefe, Coppell, TX
  • “They help with my lower back pain and help me feel fantastic” - Michael M., Burbank, CA
  • “It has truly provided me with more energy at the end of the day” - John, Myrtle Beach, SC

Some of the most powerful testimonials come from sufferers of chronic pain. Daniel, from Broken Bow, NE suffered from chronic knee pain due to college wrestling and a job working as a wind turbine technician. He purchased an IonLoop on the suggestion of his uncle. He knew the bracelet was working when, after wearing the bracelet for a month, his wife said to him “I have not heard you mention anything about your knees.”

However, it is not just pain sufferers who benefit from magnetic therapy. Yolanda, a dialysis nurse who works up to 11 hours a day, wrote that she notices increased focus when wearing her IonLoop. She says, “I have ADD and the IonLoop helps me focus and complete every task.”

All these reviews and others are available on the Testimonial page of our website…see for yourself. These stylish bracelets come with innate fashion sense and zero negative health effects. Give them a try; it just might be the answer you have been looking for.

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