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How to Reduce Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

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How to Reduce Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

There is no question that in 2015, people love their phones, iPads, and tablets. These ubiquitous devices are endlessly fun, (if not addictive) – and even useful.

But are they dangerous to our health?

How Harmful is Cell Phone Radiation?

Cell phones & other wireless devices emit energy in the form of non-ionizing radiation. Our bodies absorb this radiation but are not easily able to process it, which can lead to health complications.

A few years ago the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones and other wireless communication devices as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” placing them in Group 2B, along with a list of substances including lead, coffee, nickel, and gasoline.

Although studies have not yet proven a link between call phone use and cancer, the FCC, CDC, and the National Cancer Institute agree that it should not be ruled out as a potential cause.

What does this actually mean for daily users of cell phones, tablets, and wearable electronics?

How to Reduce Exposure

Thankfully, these days texting trumps talking, which seems to be safer, considering the phone only sends a quick signal for each message. Also, hands free conversations allow you to talk without putting the phone directly to your ear.

Here are a few other things you might consider:

  • Don’t Sleep With It – Even an idle phone can emit harmful radiation, so unless you are expecting a call, put the phone in another room and put that old alarm clock to use. 
  • Don't Surf With a Poor Signal - The harder your phone has to work to get reception, the more radiation it emits.
  • Minimize Use – We know – sounds crazy, not to mention difficult! But clearly, it is effective, and you may even find that it helps to reduce stress.

Of course, you can always use a negative ion “IonShield” iPhone 5 Cover as a way to counter the negative effects of cell phone exposure.

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