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Hydration During the Dog Days of Summer

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Get Hyped for Hydration

“Have you had enough water today?”

This is the first question we are often asked if we have anything from a headache to a sore muscle. Water and proper hydration are critical for keeping your body in peak condition. There are some days when the water bottle does not travel everywhere with us, or we spend most of the day inside so we are not thinking about taking those important sips. When this happens, we can become dehydrated quite quickly, and you do not want to be panting with the dogs this summer!

Get Hyped for Hydration!

Honestly, the best way to remember to drink water is to be excited about it. This means picking out a new water bottle with a decent capacity that travels well. Also, it is fun to treat yourself to a little retail therapy to achieve this hydration goal. Not to mention, a reusable water bottle is a great way to go green!

Getting in the habit of drinking water is the best way for hydration to work for you. If your organs are used to a regular and consistent water intake, they will make allowances for you if you lack in the future.

Sipping Strategies

Some ways you can incorporate more water into your daily fluid consumption are:

●start your day with a 8 ounces of water before coffee, tea or anything else

●consume 8 ounces of water with every meal

●take a few sips even if you are not thirsty

●set a goal to finish a certain amount per day

In addition to drinking water, many fruits and vegetables have high water content, helping you stay hydrated. Melons, cucumbers, lettuce, bell peppers, pineapple, and more!

Check out this fan favorite sweet summer recipe that is full of vitamins and also high in water content! A great thing about this sweet salad is that you can customize it to add more high water content foods for ultimate hydration. Also, it is a delicious and light summer meal!

Some further tips for these super hot days are to limit the time you have in the sun. There are harmful UV rays that can put a damper on your day if proper protection is not put in place.

Things like sunblock and our athletic bracelets can help combat the positive ions found within the UV rays. Another tip is to drink more water with how active you plan to be during the day. Water levels should be increased as you exert and sweat more!

So, the next time you are hitting the beach or the links for a tee time, make sure to pack your reusable water bottle, a deliciously hydrating sweet salad for lunch, and accessorize with an Ionloop negative ion band!

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