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IonTime Changes the Face of Sports Watches

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IonTime Changes the Face of Sports Watches

It’s “time” you get to know the silicone sport watch that combines the best features of leading sports watches with magnetic and negative ion technology: IonLoop’s IonTime watch.

IonTime Technology

Of the very few silicone sports watches in the marketplace that contain negative ion technology, none pack as high a concentration of this technology into one product as the IonTime.

IonLoop’s sports watch includes:

  • 8 powerful discs in the back case: four with 1,100 Gauss Magnets and four with 500cc negative ions
  • 1,300ccs of negative ions in the strap
  • Water resistance up to 10ATM
  • 3 bezel hands with luminous fill
  • Date window
  • Rotating Tachometer bezel

Other Sports Watches for Men and Women

Of the silicone negative ion watches we found, all were nearly identically designed - slender, with an extremely small face that keeps time digitally. While the design appears to be lightweight, it is not a style in as high demand as the large-faced watches with bracelet bands, and the time is harder to read. These watches also lacked magnetic technology.

High-end sports bracelets included handy features like GPS but at an exorbitant cost that hovered at up to $300-$400; these brands also lacked the magnetic and negative ion technology that may offer benefits to help athletes perform at a higher level.

Adding a Sports Watch to Your Negative Ion Products

Negative ion bracelets are great while playing sports, working at the office or most anything else. Even if you live in these bracelets, you may still consider an IonTime watch

Besides the stylish aspect of these fun, trendy sports watches for running and other sports, the IonTime:

  • Makes easy work of glancing at the time during games and training
  • Provides broader surface area for implementation of both technologies (magnetic and negative ion), which may offer additional benefits to improve performance and well-being.
  • Offers possible benefits of magnetic therapy and negative ion technology.


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