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Magnetic Healing and Negative Ions

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Magnetic Healing and Negative Ions

The magnetic field has been around since the birth of our planet, and with such a strong and permanent force, it only makes sense to leverage the powers of magnets in our day to day activity. Magnetic poles were discovered back in 1269 by a French scholar Petrus Peregrinus de Maricourt. After mapping out the magnetic field using iron needles, the magnetic frenzy and fascination began.

Over the years, magnets have been used for a wide range of purposes including attracting and detecting metals, holding your to do list on the refrigerator, to hovering a high speed train using magnetic rails for travel. Regardless of the uses, there is no doubt that magnets have a unique power to influence our world.

So do magnets actually help to heal your body?

While there are countless studies on file and more and more people are flocking to the healing powers of magnets through magnet therapy, here are a few topics being discussed and researched when it comes to the power of magnets.

  • Improve Blood Flow: It is said that by strategically placing magnets on one's body, you can increase the natural blood flow throughout your body. First reported in the Science Magazine, it was said that “The magnetic effect, the researchers say, all comes down to hemoglobin, the iron-based protein inside red blood cells. In the same way that iron filings align themselves along the field lines around a bar magnet, so the red blood cells align themselves along the straight field lines of Tao and Huang’s electromagnet.”
  • Reduction in Swelling: Another more recent study has shown that magnets can help to reduce the initial swelling of fractures and bruised areas of the body providing a faster recovery during the healing process.
  • Depression: If you are suffering from depression, then the constant bombardment of positive ions in our natural environment, technology, and even our convenient air conditioning have been known to contribute to this disease. By leveraging negative ion therapy, one can counteract the on-going exposure to these pesky ion counterparts helping you maintain a positive and healthy outlook on life.

Ways to Boost your Negative Ion Exposure

There are a number of ways one can battle the magnetic field and depending on your lifestyle, you can find appropriate solutions to the amount of health benefiting negative ions that your body can absorb. Some of the best ways to get exposure to negative ions are:

  • Magnetic and Ion Bracelets – Many sports enthusiasts and professional athletes are sporting more and more magnetic bracelets in their day to day activities and on-going practice routines. With the easy to wear bracelet, you can counter incoming positive ions with both style and effectiveness.
  • Outdoors – Many people forget about the natural healing powers of the great outdoors, and if you are looking for an easy way to find negative ions to help boost your mood and health, then one of the best ways is to venture out into the world. High producing areas such as waterfalls, flowing streams, the ocean and other bodies of water are great places to soak in the ions you need.
  • Fresh Air – Because of the way air conditioning works, most of us are suffering from a constant flow of positive ions created during the cooling and air distribution process. A great way to counter this artificial atmosphere is to go out on a daily basis and breath in natural, fresh air to replenish your negative ion exposure.

Whether you are a health fanatic, or simply want to explore the available alternatives to help your mood stay positive, magnets are a great way to stay on top of your health and mental state. While these reports vary and are not always agreed upon, there is no doubt that magnetic therapy has been a serious field of study and I encourage you to do a little research on your own before deciding if this treatment is right for you. Dr. Oz did a show on Pain Relief/Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy Therapy, check it out. 

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