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Mountain Bike Sport Bracelets are Popular

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Mountain Bike Blog

IonLoop has become a huge advocate of cycling! We were introduced to Cycling by one of our IonLoop suppliers; Brant Hendler in Grand Rapids Michigan. Brant is a 4 time National Cycling Champion who strongly believes in the benefits of negative ions & magnet bracelets. We were persuaded to sponsor a 10 member cycling team comprised of young riders who would compete regionally and nationally. The Jr riders had a great summer of competition and we have signed on for next year. Since our involvement with Brant’s team we have introduced a couple cycling themed bracelets which have done very well in the marketplace. One of our female cycling customers suggested that we develop an Ionloop Mt Bike bracelet; she said “it would be huge”. 

We decided to see how “huge” the Mt Biking segment was and were very surprised by these facts provided by the International Mt Bicycling Association:

• Over 50 million Americans enjoy Mt Biking
• There are more Mt Bikers than golfers
• 1 in 5 Americans ride Mt Bikes
• The Mt Bike category pumps $26 billion into the US economy
• Mt Bike visitors to National Forest Service lands contribute $205 million in revenue to
the parks.
• The obvious benefit of any type of cycling are the health benefits derived from
strenuous exercise.
Needless to say we were impressed by the scope of the sport and have taken our customers advice to introduce our new Mt Bike IonLoop with our braided style bracelet. Check out the benefits’ of negative ions & magnets on .

How Do Negative Ions Work for Allergies?

Perhaps the most well-known of all negative ion benefits are their ability to purify and improve the quality of surrounding air. How they work is actually very simple. Pollen, mold, dust, and other harmful toxins in the air all carry a positive electrical charge. Negative ions, on the other hand, carry a negative charge. When they encounter toxins, the charges are neutralized and carried down to the ground. If you’ve ever seen a negative ion generator, you can usually spot a pile of dust around its base. In fact, one of the proposed methods of purifying air pollution in China is a gigantic negative ion device!


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