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Negative Ions, April showers and feeling great

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Usually the old saying goes “April showers bring May flowers” and while that might be true; you shouldn't sell the month of April short. Sure – it’s rainy, wet and an altogether transitional month in the calendar year, but it’s also one of the most naturally healthy months for you as well.

Why’s that? Because rain releases an abundance of negative ions and has positive health effects!

Negative ions – at least relative to water – are tasteless, odorless and invisible. We inhale an abundance of them when we’re in environments that contain water – specifically moving water (like rain). Once those negative ions reach our bloodstream, it has been said that they produce a biochemical reaction in your body; supposedly assisting in alleviating depression, relieving stress and boosting energy.

It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, after all. We've all been to waterfalls, the oceans and the like – and have experienced the positive feelings we get in those settings. We especially notice them when we’re away from our closed off homes and offices, where all the electronics we use in our lives produce an overabundance of positive ions that aren't healthy.

Rain has also been proven to be good for your skin. Rain is the purest water there is (soft water) – and has little to no alkaline in it. Whether simply soaking it in on your face, or even harvesting it to wash clothes and dishes – what rain comes in contact with it does so softly – ensuring that clothes and skin come away much softer and cleaner.

What’s even better for you is the fresh air that occurs right after a big rainstorm. Whereas the indoor air we expose ourselves to can be bad, the electrified air we can breathe in post-storm brings with it a plethora of negative ions.

Nature can sometimes be as beautifying as it is magical. Appreciate April for all it brings - the renewal, the growth and the positive feelings!

And if you can't be in the rain give your self a negative ion boost with our negative ions bracelets. 

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