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​Negative Ions: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Negative Ions: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Are you late to the game when it comes to buying Christmas presents this year?

Do you need ideas for what would make the perfect gift or super stocking stuffer?

Boy, do we have a gift idea for you… Negative ions!

IonLoop accessories make a super stocking stuffer!

At IonLoop, we have endless styles of accessories to choose from. You can mix and match or shop by color and series.

We even have a smart sport watch that is charged with negative ions, which could make the perfect gift for an athlete in your life (or for the person who consistently struggles with punctuality!)

Why are negative ions a practical gift?

Not only is an IonLoop sport bracelet a stunning accessory, it has the added bonus of being infused with wellness-enhancing negative ions.

By gifting a negative ion bracelet to someone, you will be giving them something that they can wear every day while also reaping the reported benefits of negative ions.

What are these benefits?

-Some studies suggest that continuous exposure to negative ions is an effective treatment against Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a good asset to have now that it's winter and the likelihood of developing seasonal depression is higher.

-During strenuous exercise, the body produces lactic acid which is positively charged. There are some sports medicine experts who believe that negative ions can shorten recovery time.

-Those who workout regularly, as well as competitive and leisure athletes, have reported a higher level of focus and performance!

The power of magnets

Looking for something to complement those negative ions?

The effects of magnets have been studied by a number of researchers and there’s evidence that magnets may increase activity in blood flow, which, in turn, results in a more efficient flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. For this reason, magnets may also expedite the healing process.

IonLoop accessories also have these added benefits that come from magnets. You can shop our collection of magnetic bracelets and see what they can do for you!

An IonLoop accessory is the perfect gift because negative ions offer seasonal support and a stronger launch into the new year! Shop today and assume the title of best gift giver this holiday! 


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