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Negative Ions to Fight Flight Fatigue

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Negative Ions to Fight Flight Fatigue

It seems summer is everyone’s favorite time of year. School’s out, and vacations are in. If you’re flying somewhere this season with family or friends, you can wear your Ion Thins negative ionized bracelet, your Dual Cord or Single Cord to fight the fatigue that comes from airports, and the pressurized air and time zone changes that cause jetlag.

Flight fatigue is real, even for the most frequent flyers– and fighting it is a multi-faceted approach that includes prevention (stay hydrated!!). With a little planning and a little help from IonLoop, you can make sure your vacation is awesome before you even get there!

 How Magnets and Ionized Bracelets Can Help

  • Improved Circulation and Increased Bloodflow - Flying tends to cut off circulation as you sit in the same spot for long periods of time. Getting up to stretch is even a challenge now, with added security measures keeping passengers in their seats. Many wearers of IonLoop products say that they experience stimulated blood flow, which can result in improved circulation.
  • Fight that Icky Feeling – Airplane cabins have a limited amount of air and can begin to feel stale quickly. Remember that the negative ions contained in our bracelets are the same particles that exist in nature, in highest concentrations near waterfalls, the beach, or during a storm. Perhaps wearing your negative ion-packed bracelet will allow you to preserve some of that fresh, stimulating energy and fight the icky feeling that long flights can give you.
  • Breathe Easier – An enclosed vehicle, such as an airplane, has a much lower ratio of naturally occurring negative ions than outside air. This electrical imbalance in the air, combined with the plane’s artificial cooling system creates less than ideal air quality. Work to neutralize the imbalance with your negative ion packed bracelet and breathe easier. 
  • Don’t Get Sick – When sharing a small space with many people, the risk of catching something is elevated. There is scientific evidence to suggest that negative ions can improve the function of the protective cilia (enhance immune function) in your respiratory tract, which could possibly mean fewer instances of respiratory illnesses like cold, flu, or hayfever.
  • Aided Focus and Calm - For those who get nervous flying, here’s a safe suggestion for keeping a cool head in stressful moments. Some of our customers have said that they “notice a sense of calm” when wearing their IonLoop. This could be because negative ions promote abundant oxygen levels in the blood, and normalize brain function, resulting in relaxation and calmness.
  • Sleep through it – Especially for long flights, sleep can be a great way to fight boredom, pass the time painlessly and prevent fatigue upon landing. Unfortunately, not all of us can sleep in confined spaces or with lights on nearby. Negative ion are thought to purify the blood and balance the nervous system, which promotes deep sleep and healthy digestion. 

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