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New Colors of Negative Ion + Magnets Sport Bracelets

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New Colors of the IonLoop Negative Ion + Magnets Sport Bracelets

Ion Loop sport bracelets delivers all the extraordinary benefits that natural Negative Ions and Magnets have to offer. Magnets that have been beneficial for many centuries are now united with NEW powerful negative ion emitting minerals.
The technology behind each IonLoop sport bracelet is a combination of negative ion + magnetic therapy. Negative ions counteract the harmful effects of positive ions that are present in today’s environment. IonLoop infuses negative ions on each band through a proprietary process – Ion Regeneration Technology™. Additionally, powerful magnets are used to promote the optimized emission of beneficial magnetic properties.
In addition to the high quality materials and technology used to make an IonLoop sports bracelet, fashion and comfort are also features of our sport bracelets.
In February 2011, IonLoop has added four richly-pigmented color choices – Ruby Red, Royal Blue, Orange Crush, Emerald Green. This summer, three new colors were added to IonLoop’s SHOP – Hot Pink, Pacific Blue, and Apple Green.
You can make a statement with Ionloop’s bright, bold, and upscale hues. Our wide range of color options allows you to coordinate the bracelets with your outfit, your lifestyle, your activities, your day and even your mood!
You can also get in the loop with IonLoop’s Pink Ribbon bracelet. The Pink Ribbon bracelet delivers all the negative ions + magnets benefits of IonLoop sport bracelets and allows you to contribute to such a great cause. IonLoop will donate $1 from each sale to cancer research.
Taking customization to the next level, Ionloop sport bracelets also offer Custom Logo Bracelets. Follow the suit of the USGA, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Adidas and create Custom IonLoop Bracelets for your company or organization. Contact 800-255-8717 for more information.

Ionloop is always adding new designs and colors to the website ( so make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive great offers and promotions.

Do Negative Ion Bracelets Work or Are They Just Hype?

How do negative ion bracelets work? Energy wristbands are filled with an ionizing material that slowly releases negative ions in the surrounding air. Negative ions are extremely small particles that have the potential to be absorbed through your skin and the air you’re breathing. It’s believed that by wearing these bracelets, you can help counteract the harmful effects of positive ions and reap the benefits of negative ions. Numerous studies have shown that negative ions hold the potential to purify the air and may even have biological effects in the human body like stress reduction and more.


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