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Power Play: Negative Ions + Fall Flavors

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Power Play: Negative Ions + Fall Flavors

As we head into fall, it seems there are reminders everywhere that it’s time to get your flu shot and protect yourself before flu season is in full swing. Whether or not you opt for the flu shot, there are plenty of fall foods that can help boost your immunity naturally. The fall season is full of flavors that are both delicious and super healthy.

Here, we shine the spotlight on five fall favorites, but there are at least 15 Superfoods for Fall that you can add to recipes or just enjoy on their own. Between all this natural goodness and the reported immune-boosting benefits of negative ion bracelets, you’ll enjoy a strong start to the season.

An Apple a Day...

… you know the rest. As cliche as the expression might be, an apple a day really may keep the doctor away. With so many varieties available in the fall, there’s no easier time to reap the heart-healthy benefits of the flavonoids and fiber found in apples. In addition, you’ll get an infusion of antioxidants with every bite. Keep a bowl or crisper drawer loaded with freshly washed apples for the ultimate grab and go snack.

Eat Your Brussels Sprouts

Okay, so you’re not likely to grab a handful of sprouts on your way out the door, but this vitamin K-rich vegetable is excellent roasted or pan-sauteed with olive oil and sea salt. For a sweeter twist, try adding a drizzle of real maple syrup to your cooked Brussels Sprouts. No matter how you prepare this fall veggie, you’ll up your folate and iron intake.

Pile on the Parsnips

Another fiber-rich option and one that is also loaded with potassium is the parsnip. Although there are many recipes that feature parsnips, these are particularly good in soups, especially on chilly or rainy fall days.

Pick Up Some Pears

Similar to apples, pears are great on the go and come in several varieties like Bartlett and Red Bosc. They are also excellent poached or baked -- either as a dessert or sliced over the top of a salad for a sweet serving of vitamin C and fiber.

Reach for Rutabaga

Recipes with rutabaga are worth researching if you want to serve up delicious dishes rich in vitamin C and fiber. Their mild flavor makes them versatile vegetables sure to satisfy fans of savory or sweet fare.

All this nutritional goodness can be further enhanced by Negative Ions: The Gift that Keeps on Giving in support of your optimal health and well-being this season.


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