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Shield Your Skin and Save the Environment this Summer

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Shield Your Skin and Save the Environment this Summer

Not far from IonLoop’s headquarters, some cutting-edge news has just been released, regarding sunblock, skincare, and saving the environment. Arguably on the heels of Hawaii’s decision to ban oxybenzone and oxtinoxate -- two ingredients used in sunscreen that have proven detrimental to marine life, particularly reef structures -- Tampa-based company Stream2Sea, has released a new sunscreen, free of these chemicals.

As outdoor enthusiasts and big believers in the healing power of nature through negative ions, IonLoop applauds these efforts and is eager to align with this new, environmentally safer sunscreen trend.

How Can I Tell if My Sunscreen is a Culprit?

As news of these products reaches the mainstream, more and more people wonder whether the sunscreen they’ve been using is among the worst offenders when it comes to environmental degradation.

Without checking the label, how can you tell if your sunscreen contains these harmful chemicals? According to Stream2Sea’s Andrew Olday, after sunscreen application and once you’re in the water, “What you notice is an oil type, slick substance” along the water’s surface.

This matters because, as Olday explains, “At some point the ocean is going to receive these chemicals and if they come into contact with marine species or coral reefs, we are going to suffer at the end of the day.”

Not only is this new product potentially groundbreaking for the environment, it applies just like regular sunscreen and is rich with SPF protection. In other words, making the sunscreen switch is seamless and smart, especially for those aware and concerned about green issues like recycling, reducing carbon footprints, and managing other man-made impacts on Earth.

Olday is hopeful that other countries will take a cue from Hawaii and the Tampa Bay area. At IonLoop, so are we, and will continue to update you on exciting new products that do their best to protect you… and the planet. Meanwhile, we invite you to shop our innovative IonLoop collection to harness the best negative ions that nature has to offer. 

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