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Showcase Your Seaside Style Look with IonLoop

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Showcase Your Seaside Style Look with IonLoop

Staying cool and stylish at the beach can be tricky when it comes to choosing the right accessories. Traditional metal jewelry doesn’t necessarily hold up well against sand and salt water. Moreover, the sun’s rays can make wearing these pieces hot to the touch and uncomfortable. Instead, try a beach-friendly IonLoop bracelet when you’re ready for some surf-side fun.

All IonLoop bracelets, from our original magnet bracelet to our IonThins and Thicks, and even our IonTime and Carbon Time watches are super for showing off on the sea and shore. Durable and waterproof, there really is no better way to access a consistent supply of negative ions than enhancing those already found in abundance at the beach with an IonLoop negative ion bracelet.

Choose your favorite from the following:

Original Magnet Bracelet

From our color series, braided series, and statement series -- to name but a few -- there are so many options          and customizations possible with our original magnet bracelet, designed to harness the Earth’s energy and boost your well-being.

IonThins & Thicks

These are fun to mix and match and stack with other IonLoop accessories for a splash of color. Create your own IonThin or IonThick 4-PAK in either size and feature your fandom for a sports team, represent your company’s branding, or just your rock your favorite colors!


Style meets smarts with the IonLoop collection of sport watches charged with both magnets and negative ions, available in bold colors like orange and green, or classic neutrals like black and white. Switch up your look with available watch bands whenever the mood strikes.

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