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Stay Active & Strong for Flu and Allergy Season

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Stay Active & Strong for Flu and Allergy Season

 Fall is in the air! While most welcome the cooler  weather that comes with the changing of the  seasons, many cringe, knowing that sore throats,  runny noses, achy muscles and migraines are coming  for them. This season, keep your body in shape and  maintain peak performance, with these tips for  boosting your body’s immune defenses this fall.

 Go Raw

 Raw foods contain live enzymes, antioxidants and  vitamins that get broken down and destroyed during  the cooking process. You don’t have to go on a full  raw diet to reap the benefits of raw foods. Commit to  one raw meal a day or add a raw side to each meal of  the day, and you may notice the exhilarating effect.  Juicing fruits and veggies is also a great way to enjoy  raw food, because it breaks down the cell walls and  makes it easier for the nutrients to be absorbed by     t he body. All those vitamins and enzymes will enable  your body to fight off allergies and infections much  more effectively.

Keep Active

Recent studies have shown that a moderate amount of exercise can help defend the body against colds and flus. Moderate exercise is known to increase the re-circulation of important immune cells, which has the effect of cleaning up the body naturally. It’s important, however, not to overdo it. If your body is already stressed from fighting illness, prolonged or overly vigorous exercise can leave the body more susceptible to disease. If you’re a daily trainer, you may need to adjust your workout routine to accommodate the changing season. So how much exercise is too much? That depends on a number of factors, including where you live and your general health but as a rule, 30 minutes of exercise, 3 to 4 times a week, is recommended.

Utilize Negative Ions

Negative ions are oxygen atoms with an extra electron. These occur naturally in nature, especially in places where water is flowing, such as waterfalls and rainstorms. Negative ions have been shown to fight the effects of seasonal allergies, colds and viruses by clearing the air of mold spores, pollen, viruses, dust, bacteria and other hazardous airborne material. Today, scientists have found ways to make negative ions available to you wherever you might be. IonLoop negative ion bracelets are embedded with powerful negative ions that can help defend you against harmful bacteria and pollen everywhere you go.

Adding raw food, moderate exercise and negative ions to your routine this fall can boost your immune system and may help you avoid falling prey to colds and seasonal allergies.

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