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​Sun Protection Means More than Slathering on Sunscreen

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Sun Protection Means More than Slathering on Sunscreen

    bSlowly but surely, states across the country are beginning to reopen with the summer season not far behind. As we emerge from our months of social distancing, many of us are eager to hit the beach, tee up with friends on the golf course, and soak up the sunshine as much as possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to sun protection, sunscreen just isn’t enough. What you wear is also important and means making some strategic choices for ultimate sun protection.

Check out our suggestions for sporting your strongest defense against the sun’s UV rays this spring and summer, starting with a reminder about why sunscreen is so important.

Don’t Skip the SPF

Before you venture outside, make sure you slather up with sunscreen. How much? According to Harvard Medical School, rely on the “teaspoon and shot glass” rule. Use a teaspoon-sized amount of sunscreen on your face and neck, with enough sunscreen to fill a shot glass (approximately one ounce) on the remaining exposed areas of your body.

Since sunscreen works best when applied before sun exposure, take the time to put it on ahead of your outdoor plans and reapply often, especially after swimming or excessive perspiration.

Next, take your sun protection a crucial step further with your clothing choices…

Make Smart Wardrobe Selections

This is as simple as wearing a wide-brim hat or baseball cap, along with sunglasses to protect your eyes (pick polarized whenever possible for reduced glare and maximum visibility, especially when on the water).

You should even opt for darker-colored clothing, as well as long sleeves and pants. In other words, keeping your skin covered as much as possible while also staying cool and comfortable, is key. Doing so protects your skin from exposure to harmful UV rays, minimizing the risk of sun damage and even skin cancer.

In fact, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation: “clothing is the most effective form of sun protection.”

Why is that?

Unlike SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, which only measures UVB rays as listed on sunscreens, UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor, measures how much UV radiation from both UVA and UVB rays reaches your skin, which helps determine how effective certain materials and fabrics are at sun protection.

But what you wear matters.

Consider this comparison provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation: a dark, long-sleeved denim shirt provides a UPF of approximately 1,700, which is considered complete sun protection; while a white tee-shirt only offers a UPF of approximately 7.

Your best bet is to look for clothing items that have been awarded the Seal of Recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation. These will have a minimum UPF rating of 30.

At IonLoop, we are passionate about products that support optimal health and wellness. We take pride in our line of accessories, which have been carefully designed to enhance your physical and mental well-being, naturally.


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