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Team Training for Komen Dallas Race for the Cure

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Team Training for Komen Dallas Race for the Cure

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our team is extremely excited to be involved in such a noble cause. In September, IonLoop launched new Pink Ribbon bracelets and upped bracelet donations to $2 for any pink bracelet purchased at during the month of October.

Upon many requests from our customers, we have added new Pink Ribbon bracelets to our collection. The most awaited addition is the Hot Pink "Pink Ribbon" bracelet but we have also added a Pink "Believe" Bracelet and the NEW Pink "Hope" bracelet which, we know, will inspire many people.

Since we first launched the Pearl White Pink Ribbon Bracelet, the first of the series, in 2011, IonLoop has proudly donated $1 to breast cancer research for each Pink Ribbon logoed bracelet. This year, we will donate $2 for each Pink Ribbon Series bracelet purchased at through October 31st. We hope that, with the new additions, and the increased donation value, we will be able to make a larger contribution to the fight against breast cancer.

Now, with the new additions, the team found even more reasons to engage in the fight against breast cancer. On October 20th, the IonLoop team is going to be at the Komen Dallas Race for the Cure. Our team of four women will be walking/running a 5K for the cure at the Dallas North Park Center area. The girls have been preparing for the event since the beginning of September and each one of them is going to share their 5k training strategies:

Melissa Gotfredson, our CEO is really active! She powerwalks every morning for 2 miles and focuses on increasing her pace while listening to talk radio. Fernanda Crosby, our Marketing Director has been running an average of 3 times a week and trying to make the 3.1 miles in 31 minutes or less. Brandi Kohl, the Production Manager has been religious about walking her dog Leena.

Donna Wade our Accounting Manager is an avid runner and she says, "while I’m running, I often think about the people I know who have struggled with breast cancer, some survived, some didn’t. I get encouraged with the thought of thousands of people coming together and getting involved to find a cure."

Bob Gotfredson IonLoop’s co-founder will also be participating as the race coordinator and cheering the team on through the circuit.

As Pink Ribbon relays, walks, and races are happening all across the country, there couldn't be a better time to wear IonLoop's Pink Ribbon Bracelet and participate in this effort. We are all so excited to join the race and would love to hear from our followers about the races/walks/relays they’ll be taking on this October. Please feel free to email us at with training tips and race events in other areas of the country.

Haven’t signed up for a race yet? Join us at the Komen Dallas Race for the Cure if you live in the area! Here’s a link to their registration page.

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