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Technology Overdose: Increase Negative Ions

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Technology Overdose: How to Increase Negative IonsTechnology brings us together and even cures illness, but it comes with drawbacks like social withdrawal and exposure to positive ions; fortunately, you can increase negative ions in your world.

The Great Technology Overdose

A recent article in the New York Times recounts the story of a doctor who treated a hospital patient by immediately consulting his smart phone app, even before examining the patient.

Even the most people-facing professions are tuning into electronics… and out of human interaction or alternative exploration. IonLoop’s diagnosis? We are overdosing on technology – and, consequently, on positive ions.

Putting Technology in Perspective

Right, wrong or indifferent, we are all at maximum exposure. Here are just a few ways we use technology – before lunch!

  • Alarm clocks
  • Weather apps
  • Traffic reports
  • Emails
  • Daily commute
  • Turning on the computer at work
  • Phone calls

We use this vast network of information to help us:

  • Manage our time
  • Make consumer decisions
  • Purchase goods and services
  • Socialize
  • Entertain ourselves
  • Accomplish goals

That’s not news, but what you may not know is how much exposure this gives you to positive ions. And time spent around these electronic devices increases the amount of positive ions in our daily lives.

Harmful Effects of Positive Ions

Positive ions, emitted by the sun and a myriad of man-made electronics, have been linked to exhaustion, depression, illness and more. Read more on this on the IonLoop website, or take a look at this article by Nutrition Review. Not to worry, though – there are plenty of ways to increase negative ions!

How Can I Decrease Positive Ions and Increase Negative Ions?

Individuals who spend time indoors – or in the sun – should consider the amount of negative ions needed to counteract the effects.

Go outside!
Hiking/biking trails, shaded neighborhoods, rivers and lakes, nature conservatories and parks are excellent resources in city limits.

Take breaks from the office.
Step away from the desk at least once before lunch, once after lunch and, of course, during lunch. Limit holding or carrying your cell phone while you’re outside.

Invest in an ion bracelet.

IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets offer a subtle and fashionable look for everyday wear, at the office, at home or out and about. The more silicone bracelets worn, the more negative ions are emitted.


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