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Ten Tips for Healthy Flight Travel

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Ten Tips for Healthy Flight Travel

With summer officially in full swing, you may be planning a vacation with family or friends. Be sure you arrive prepared, healthy, and rested with these flight tips from IonLoop.

  1. Hydrate before, during, and after. Pressurized air is drying, and dehydration lowers energy and productivity, so drink 32oz of water before and after a flight, and aim to drink around 8 oz per airborne hour. Bring a refillable water bottle to save money as you hydrate. (It must be empty when passing through TSA security).
  2. Bring healthy snacks. Delays happen, and it’s important to regulate blood sugar during travel. Opt for things that are easy to eat in a confined space: pre-packaged trail mix, cut carrots, grapes, or granola bars can save the day.
  3. If you wear contact lenses, ditch them for the flight. Again, flying dries everything out, including your eyes. Pack the case, saline solution, and glasses case in your carry-on, and make the switch after deplaning at your arrival.
  4. Pack a sarong or airy scarf. A great travel accessory for its versatility, a scarf can equally do the job of a beach towel, airplane blanket, pillow, or rain cover, while taking up very little space.
  5. Roll clothes instead of folding. This reduces wrinkles and creates a ton of space.
  6. Wear a magnetic negative ion therapy bracelet. Said to improve blood circulation and deliver oxygen to the brain more efficiently, a therapy bracelet may counteract any effects from the limited oxygen in an airplane cabin.
  7. Bring some empty Ziploc bags. They are great for transporting souvenirs, small trash items, sandy or wet stuff, protecting your electronics from the elements, and more.
  8. Stretch it out. Stand up and walk (or at least stand up) every hour. This will improve circulation and help prevent blood clots and soreness from inactivity. Before a long flight, consider standing while waiting at the gate rather than sitting. 
  9. Shower after the trip. The water stream is rich in negative ions to help rejuvenate while you wash germs away.
  10. Be positive and try to roll with the punches. Some things are just out of our control. Slow, deep breaths and a positive mantra such as “This too shall pass.” or “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” can help to calm the mind and body in a stressful situation.

Safe travels!

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