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​The Benefits of the Beach… from a Bracelet?

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The Benefits of the Beach… from a Bracelet?

Perhaps the hardest place to leave -- the beach -- for so many of us, is practically heaven on earth. Between the lull of the tide, the expanse of soft, warm sand, and the coastal breeze, a day at the beach is tough to top.

Turns out, there is scientific evidence that suggests why a break at the beach can be so rejuvenating. Of course, the trick is figuring out how to harness that health boost, regardless of time and place.

Fortunately, IonLoop invested in finding the answer and then made it available through the innovative IonLoop negative ion bracelet

Why Do I Love Life Better at the Beach?

The short answer?

Because you feel better!

According to the University of New Hampshire, spending time at the beach can provide legitimate health benefits, by helping to alleviate stress and balance hormones, while also providing an opportunity to exercise -- psst… a simple stroll by the shoreline counts!

While this is great news for the beach bums of the world, what about those of us who don’t live close enough for consistent visits to the coast? Is it possible to reap those same benefits and, if so, how?

First of all, yes, it’s possible and doing so is actually much simpler than you might think.

Negative Never Felt So Good

  1. IonLoop essentially delivers all of the benefits of the beach in the form of a bracelet: a negative ion bracelet.
  2. IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets harness the natural power of tourmaline, a mineral which is considered a negative ion producing powerhouse.
  3. Negative ions -- and their beneficial qualities -- are actually always around us, but they can become harder to access in the presence of too many positive ions.
  4. We get it -- the negative and positive ion thing gets confusing.
  5. Positive ions are emitted by electronics, rather than natural sources.
  6. So, your laptop, television, cell phone, e-reader, etc., all produce positive ions, which can have negative implications for your health.
  7. Meanwhile, positive ions, which result from natural phenomena like rain -- or the beach! -- reportedly enhance our mental and physical wellbeing.
  8. IonLoop has discovered how to deliver the benefits of negative ions, 24/7, no matter how landlocked you might be.

Shop IonLoop’s Negative Ion Bracelets

Stylish, customizable, and durable (these accessories are even waterproof), IonLoop has designed negative ion bracelets that have been celebrated for providing the same beachy benefits you experience after a day spent under the sun and on the sand.

Our customers say it best. For instance, Debra from Dallas writes:

I can't imagine not wearing my IonLoop. I have one in every color. Not only do they look good, I feel so much better. Thanks for such a great product.”

Learn more about IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets on our blog or contact the IonLoop team with any questions.


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