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The Case for Not Making Resolutions in 2021

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The Case for Not Making Resolutions in 2021

We are now well into January and some of us might already be feeling a little sheepish about our wavering -- or lost -- commitment to the new year resolutions we made just weeks ago. If you started out the new year with a determination to hit the gym every day and you’ve suddenly lost your will power, or you decided to cut back on caffeine and are reading this with your third cup of coffee in hand, fret not.

We’re here to present the case for not making resolutions. Seriously. We find the whole new year resolution obsession to be overrated and believe it can lead to unnecessary overwhelm. Hear us out and see what we suggest to replace your resolutions this year.

Release Yourself from Resolutions

First of all, 2020 was one heck of a year. Between the global pandemic, racial tensions, and a political landscape fraught with controversy, most of us approached the new year feeling a little tapped out to begin with. The last thing we need is to set ourselves up for failure. Research shows that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are non-existent by Valentine’s Day.

The odds are stacked against you, which is why it’s time to reposition the plan. At IonLoop, we’re all about balance, healthy living and a commitment to fitness. We want our customers to attain their goals and that’s why we believe in smaller, more manageable benchmarks rather than sweeping resolutions based on an annual achievement.

For instance, some of our fellow anti-resolution-ers, believe that aiming for monthly goals is ideal: “Realistically speaking, setting monthly goals makes more sense, not just because short-term goals are more easily attainable but also because as you set yourself to accomplish smaller tasks, you also build up your self-esteem, raising the bar as you move forward.”

We agree; however, to revisit our current climate of uncertainty, both due to politics and the pandemic, we believe the milestones can be made even more manageable. Why not take your goals -- whether diet, fitness, financial, career or otherwise -- and set weekly intentions? For example, “This week I intend to not order takeout and instead check out some healthy, simple recipes online that I can make at home. Not only will I be eating healthier, I’ll probably save money, too.”

If you make this your weekly goal, you’ll likely feel more motivated to attempt a repeat the following week. Weeks add up to months before we know it and you might actually succeed in forming a habit. Perhaps you end up ordering takeout once a month and it becomes a treat you actually anticipate and plan for.

The sky’s the limit when you support your goals with measurable milestones that you can actually see. If the finish line is too far afield, it’s easy to abandon the race entirely.

Stick with your goals and share them with us on social media! Whatever you set out to do, give yourself some extra support with our negative ion bracelets and magnet bracelets, designed to enhance your physical and psychological well-being. Now that’s a resolution we can get on board with!


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