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​The Master Plan: Switching Seasons

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The Master Plan: Switching Seasons

Although 2020 is winding down at last, there are still historic changes to the calendar that are turning long-held traditions on their ear. With iconic sporting events like the Kentucky Derby rescheduled from May to September, it’s no wonder that golf gems like this year’s Masters would also be shuffled. For the first time ever, the Masters will be held in November, as opposed to April (and two times in March).

What will this look like? What should fans expect?

We’ll share what we know so far…

First Things First…

No fans. The Masters will still be hosted at Augusta National; however, fans will be staying home this year, thanks (yet again!) to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, fans aren’t the only notable absence this year. Golfing greats will be teeing off without the beautiful backdrop of Georgia’s springtime flora and fauna. However, unlike the summer season, during which Augusta National is closed and the green turned brown thanks to the heat, November sees a return of green grass and fall foliage.

Weather conditions, as far as average temperatures are concerned, are similar between spring and fall, ranging from the upper-40s to the upper-70s.

According to former Masters champion Ben Crenshaw, "Whether it's October or November, the turf ought to be wonderful. If anything, the Bermuda grass would still be pretty healthy coming out of the summer. The rye grass may be a little thinner. It could provide a surface that would be firmer, which would be great. And the greens will be fine."

As we continue to embrace coronavirus-related change and adapt our lifestyles to these shifts, it’s important to manage the stress that can result from such uncertain times. Maintaining a routine fitness regimen, even if that simply means taking an afternoon stroll each day, goes a long way to supporting physical health and psychological well being. A healthy and nutritious diet boosts the benefits of exercise even further.


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