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The Trend: Double Wrap Bracelets

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The Trend: Double Wrap Bracelets

This season's hottest trend goes around and around and doesn’t stop! From simple and functional to classy and trendy, double wrap bracelets are in, and there’s a fit and style for everyone.

Not just for females, this style is taking off with men too. LA Laker Jordan Clarkson was recently praised by fashion bloggers for his double wrap fashion.

Why Men Love the Double Wrap Bracelet

Stacking multiple bracelets is another big trend in men’s accessories today. The style is fun, and easy, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re someone who finds wearing more than one separate bracelet feels awkward or requires too much work to choose matching bracelet styles – the double wrap is for you!

Achieve the layered look easily with only a double wrap leather bracelet or two. It’s simple, stylish, and functional, thanks to the negative ion power it contains.

Remember, negative ions absorbed into your body may combat the positive ions we are exposed to from UV rays and electronic devices.

Double wrap bracelets provide the illusion of wearing two separate bracelets, with the comfort of a single bracelet design. They slip and slide around less than individual bracelets, which may be more practical for some, especially if you pair jewelry and wristwatch on the same hand.

The no-hassle, all-in-one appeal of double wrap bracelets is a winner with efficient minded men and women. It takes the work out of accessorizing, and may even be more cost-efficient.

Double Wrap Styles From IonLoop

We have a wide variety of IonLoop products to fit your need, such as our Braided, Leather Series, Ion Thins, and over a dozen types of Magnet Bracelets that can even be personalized! Any of our bracelets and wristwatches can be mixed with an eight strand leather bracelet from our Double Wrap Series for an on trend look.

Braided Leather Double Wraps - The leather Double Wrap bracelet adds a more dressed up vibe – so you can wear this at the office, or at night. You can wear it on the field too, of course. Just don’t get it wet! Most importantly, this Ion Loop product has negative Ions manufactured into the bands and placed for maximum impact.

Tech Series - The Tech Series cords have become our #1 selling bracelet style in just a few short months! It’s so practical and still looks super cool. Plus, we just released a few new colors!

The Tech Series bracelets are waterproof so they can go anywhere – hike & bike trails, swimming, golf, or to the office. The easy loop fastening keeps the Dual Cord bracelet in place and, like the Braided Series, The Tech Series has negative ions manufactured into the bands.

Whether you prefer bright, vibrant colors or muted shaded that go with absolutely everything, we have a double wrap bracelet to fit your style. 

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