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Tips to Preparing Yourself for Marathon Season

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Tips to Preparing Yourself for Marathon Season

The heat of the summer is almost behind us and fall is right around the corner. If you’re a runner, then you know that fall is better known as marathon season. Training during the summer is challenging, and so many feel a bit out of practice when it’s time to hit the track. Getting yourself in shape and ready to face a marathon takes time and practice, but can be easier if you follow these helpful tips.

New Kicks

For runners, shoes aren’t just a fashion statement, they are a necessity for protecting your joints so you can run farther and longer. Not just any shoe will do, however. You need to ensure they are the proper fit for your foot and body. Make a visit to your local runners shop to talk to an expert and have your foot sized and fitted. Buying the right pair of shoes the first time will help you get your marathon season off to a running start. We have found that Road Runner Sport has the best fitting system with their Shoe Dog Personalized Shoe Finder

Fresh Routine

Everyone knows that a solid routine is essential for training. Of course, the biggest challenge is keeping to the routine. Today, however, technology makes it much easier to create to and stick to a new training schedule. There are a number of training apps out there, but Runner’s World Go has consistently been one of the top rated by users. You can set goals, track progress, get training tips and even weather updates through the app, making it easier to stick to your fresh training routine.

Get Social

Everything's more fun when it is done with a group of friends and running is no different. Finding a group to train with will help inspire you to continue on your routine and not give up. Reward yourself after a good workout with a social gathering after. When you combine work with play, work becomes more playful.

Partner up With Negative Ions

Wearing negative ion and magnetic bracelets may help to increase your stamina and performance. We are bombarded by positive ions all day, from the sun’s rays and from electronic devices. When you are out running, your stamina is diminished by these positive ions. Negative ion bracelets may help to balance out the effects of positive ions, leading to more endurance for you. Check out the IonLoop Runners Series, a specially designed line of ion and magnet bracelets for runners of all skill levels.

Whether you are running competitively or simply out to get in shape and improve your health, it is important to set a goal and put yourself in the best position to meet it. So get excited about marathon season by signing up for one. Then get your gear ready, it's time to start training!

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