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​Top 5 Heart Healthiest Foods

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Top 5 Heart Healthiest Foods

Every day we wake up with the very best intentions to fuel our bodies with proper nutrition. We see protein, hunger-killing shakes, and diet plans that are impossible to stay true to and feel satisfied at the same time. Above all, we need food and need nutrients to keep moving forward, and our hearts pumping. When it comes to heart and body health, less is not more. Actually, more might be exactly what you need.

What foods are healthy for the heart and delicious for the stomach? Read on to see which ones you need more of in your diet…

The 5 Stars

To say that five specific foods are far better for the heart than the rest is a stretch. It is more that it is the five nutrients you get from these foods that are greater than the rest.

Vitamin K

The first is vitamin K; according to the Harvard School of Public Health, vitamin K can help prevent blood clots and support your bones.

You can get this magical vitamin as easily as eating a salad. That’s right, the largest amounts of vitamin K are found in leafy greens and things like kale and spinach. Kale and spinach are also easy add-ins to smoothies, which are super accessible and make a good heart-healthy snack on the go!


The next star is fiber. Traditionally referred to as roughage, fiber is also great for lowering blood cholesterol. Fiber can be found in oats -- a very versatile snack/breakfast staple.

Even if you don’t like oatmeal, bake oats into some granola and put it over yogurt! And hey, now is the perfect time to celebrate heart health and show a little love for yourself and your significant other by throwing some oats into your favorite pancake recipe.


Omega-3 is a huge factor in heart health because it not only does what both vitamin K and fiber do, but it also lowers the risk of stroke and heart failure. That’s right, you can lower your chances of stroke by snacking on a pack of almonds, cashews, peanuts, or any other nut you prefer.

Plant-based Protein

More heart-healthy groups are foods that are low in fat and free of cholesterol. Sounds tricky to get both? It’s no trickier than driving to the store and getting a can of beans.

Beans and legumes are full of fiber and plant-based protein that is great for keeping the heart happy. Beans and legumes can be used as side dishes, dips, and full entrees.

Garlic and Onions

Lastly, what’s good for your arteries, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and makes your breath pretty stinky? Garlic and onions. These superfoods boost the flavor of a dish as well as your heart health. Adding garlic and onions to dishes like a stirfry can make it better taste-wise, and better for you.

A Day of Eating

A balanced diet and exercise helps us all feel our very best. This of course does not account for the days you want a feel-good snack like chips or it’s pouring rain outside and you can’t get your run in. That one day, one snack, won’t break you. Heart health and what the heart wants can sometimes be different.

Between these five heart-healthy superstars, you can create a super meal.


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