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Top Five Snacks to Stave Off Heat Exhaustion

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Top Five Snacks to Stave Off Heat Exhaustion

Innovation is the hallmark of IonLoop’s products and company philosophy. Crucial to that mission is communication and education. We are committed to informing our customers about IonLoop negative ion and magnet bracelets, but also helpful ways they can enhance their health and well-being.

Now, at the height of summer, heat stress is a hot button issue. Recently, we were reminded of the connection between nutrition and heat exhaustion. Here, we have the top five foods to reach for when the mercury reaches dangerous heights…

Focus on these Five Snacks

Nothing tops hydration when it comes to battling the heat and these five foods can help. All five are easy to find, inexpensive, and delicious on their own or featured in recipes.

  • Cucumber

Delicious on their own, tossed in salad, or infused in water, cucumbers are 95% water, so no wonder they top the list of super hydrating foods to help combat heat exhaustion. What’s more, cucumber skins are a good source of vitamin C, a critical nutrient when it comes to battling sun damage from UV rays.

  • Celery

Similar to cucumbers, celery stalks also weigh in at approximately 95% water, which partly explains why this low-calorie snack features in so many diets and, most recently, in the celery juice craze.

  • Kiwi

What you might not realize after working up a sweat is that you’re losing a significant amount of potassium, a critical electrolyte necessary for optimal post-workout recovery. Kiwis are rich in potassium, making them a smart snack to snag after a sweat session.

  • Lettuce

Normally, nutritionists and dieticians suggest just about any lettuce over iceberg, but iceberg contains an estimated 96% water content, with romaine not far behind. If salad is on the menu, make sure yours features plenty of these greens for an H20 boost.

  • Oranges

Skip the Gatorade and reach for a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice instead for maximum hydration and way more electrolytes than the bottled stuff.

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