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What Your Ionized Bracelet Stack Says About You

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What Your Ionized Bracelet Stack Says About You

Bracelet stacks have been on trend for several seasons. This fashion accessory staple can be adopted to fit a variety of lifestyles, from chic to trendy athlete. How you decide to accessories says a lot about who you are. Wearing an ionized bracelet - or 2, or 4 - cannot only potentially increase your stamina and protect your joints, but it also makes a statement about who you are.

The Rebel

Your rebellious nature is revealed with your black-on-black stack. Black braided leather, black Ionloop Solo Cord and a pop of neon from your IonThins turns your stack into a statement and gives you a boost of negative ions.

Free Spirit

Your stack consists of white and soft pastel IonThins, in bright colors that compliment your mood that day. You might be a dedicated athlete but your inner child is a free spirited hippie and your stack lets the world know all about the true you.

The Cool Dude

You aren’t afraid to embrace a trend but are cool enough to do it smartly. Your ion bracelet stack is on trend, double leather wrap mixed with single leather bracelets and a few Solo Cords in muted tones. Simple, cool, and effortless, that’s you in a nutshell.

Glamor Girl

You're a fashionista who isn’t afraid to get a little sweaty. Your magnetic bracelet stack expresses your glam side, and features a Ruby Red “Love” ionized bracelet accented by a simple diamond tennis bracelet, or two. Because who doesn’t love a stack that not only may give you a better workout but also tells the world that you love diamonds?

The Serious Athlete

Your stack is simple, effective and purposeful, featuring a mix of classic negative ion sport bracelets you’ve picked up over the years. Your sporty stack features a mix of colors that compliment your individual style. Your stack is worn to “up your game” with the intention being to increase your stamina. You know that ionized bracelets aren’t just a fashion statement but a way of life.

Ionized bracelets definitely make a statement but they are, first and foremost, a cutting edge technology. Negative ions embedded in the bracelet could protect you from harmful UV rays, which may result in reducing fatigue. So no matter how you stack them, ionized bracelets will always make the statement that you are a fashion forward intelligent athlete.

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