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Why Wear Sports Bracelets

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Why Wear Sports Bracelets

Tons of people are wearing sports bracelets these days from well-known athletes, to college students, and even soccer moms. So what is all this hype around sports bracelets and why should I try one? There are several reasons people are supporting their favorite sports bracelet, from the health advantages such as negative ion and magnetic technology, to offering support for your local fund-raising organization or cause, to simply put, fashion. Regardless of your reason, one thing you can count on, sports bracelets are a common accessory in today's wardrobe.

Health Benefits

Magnetic sports bracelets have taken the industry by storm over recent years promoting a variety of benefits to the wearer. Magnetic therapy has been used for thousands of years, and with the recent advances in technology, the understanding of this mysterious therapy has been given more attention in modern society.

The premise is that magnetic energy may work to:

  • realign our magnetic field
  • improve blood flow
  • help minimize inflammation


Similar to the fund-raising mentality, many sports athletes are turning towards sports bracelets to show their support and product endorsement. In addition to formal endorsements, many silicon wristband companies have made it into the for profit sector offering promotional accessory options to the public, making them an affordable, effective, and stylish way to promote business and products.


Last but certainly not least is the fashion industry. Bracelets have been around since humans began decorating themselves for show. And in today's society, we are no different. With a bigger focus on health and well-being in today's society, it is no wonder these therapeutic sports bracelets are making a splash in the fashion scene.

A Few Pointers For Wrist-wear

How to choose which wrist –Since there is no general rule about which wrist to wear it on, traditionally sports bracelets are worn on your dominant hand’s wrist.

  • Managing multiple bracelets – Wearing dark colored suits or outfits with lighter colored bracelets is a great way to bring in a lighter splash of color. What about wearing multiple bracelets? Mix a lighter, brighter bracelet with a metal design, leather or even add a beaded one.
  • Matching accessories are not mandatory – You don't have to follow the matching rule when it comes to bracelets. A chunkier weekend watch looks good paired with bigger bracelets. Interweaving thin bands with thicker more textured bracelets also works to add variety and texture.
  • Choose your bracelet for the right occasion– If you’re heading to an art gallery, five bracelets with a sports jacket and a pair of jeans is cool. If you’re heading to a business meeting, you might want to tone it down with just one subtle piece of wrist wear.

While everyone has their own preference of style and fashion, having something in common that you can sport around in can give you confidence and a feeling of inclusion. So if you are planning to improve your health, reduce your sore muscles and inflammation, then a magnetic sports bracelet may be the perfect solution for you. With so many different styles and purposes to choose from, finding the right set of sports attire is an important part of any sport.


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