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Why You Should Participate in National Take a Walk in the Park Day

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Why You Should Participate in National Take a Walk in the Park DayIn case you haven’t heard, National Take a Walk in the Park Day is coming up and we’ve got some reasons why you should participate. This Saturday, March 30th, join the movement -- literally! -- and take some steps towards a healthier horizon.

Get In Step with Negative Ion Technology

At IonLoop, we promote the power of getting outside and breathing fresh air whenever possible, whether on the green, at the shore, or along a winding, wooded trail. Basking in the negative ions provided by nature optimizes your physical and psychological health.

But as we all know, getting away and accessing negative ions on a regular basis is often easier said than done. That’s why IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets prove so popular. Infused with the negative ion producing powerhouse, tourmaline, negative ion bracelets offset the harmful positive ions that pollute our physical spaces every day.

Taking a walk in honor of National Take a Walk in the Park Day is an excellent route to celebrate the power of negative ions. The health benefits associated with walking have long been studied and with spring officially underway, there is no better reason to pick a path and start strolling.

By walking on a regular basis, you give yourself the chance to drop some weight, alleviate stress, and even reduce your blood pressure. Let’s face it, stress and high blood pressure often go hand-in-hand. Hitting your local park, trail -- even a track at your gym -- provides the perfect one-two punch to knock out the stress/high blood pressure gruesome twosome.

Walking has even been credited with inspiring better moods, thanks to its ability to increase endorphins in the bloodstream. Similarly, research has suggested that negative ion bracelets also alleviate symptoms of depression, especially those associated with or resulting from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

For those of you who already walk as part of your healthcare regimen, enhance your routine by wearing an IonLoop negative ion bracelet for a steady supply of negative ions, no matter where your steps lead.

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