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Women’s Magnetic Bracelets Options

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Women’s Magnetic Bracelets OptionsWhen it comes to women’s fashion, form usually beats function. But, with respect to accessories like IonLoop’s magnet bracelets, there is no need to sacrifice style over sensibility. IonLoop magnet bracelets are a smart way to access the long-reported therapeutic benefits of magnet therapy in a signature look of your choosing.

Why should you, the fashion-forward woman, feature magnet bracelets alongside your other favorite accessories?

The Age Old Attraction to Magnets

As with anything alternative or natural, there is some skepticism and controversy over the power of magnets on the human body and just how effective they might be at enhancing overall well-being. The fact is, magnets and their purported benefits have been considered since ancient times.

While we might scoff at evidence that Cleopatra used magnets to preserve her youthful beauty, there is an ever-growing body of research which demonstrates magnets might have the potential to energize blood flow activity, meaning a more efficient delivery of crucial nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

It’s no wonder then that women who wear magnet bracelets claim to experience an increase in energy, a reduction in chronic pain, and less stress. Some even report significantly decreased levels of inflammation and swelling. Other studies have isolated magnets as possible relief from persistent conditions like fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

Why Should Women Wear IonLoop Magnet Bracelets?

Sure, with all the hype surrounding magnet bracelets and other alternative therapies, there are dozens of companies that claim to have the best of the bunch. When it comes to magnet bracelets, none compare to IonLoop’s innovation.

Boasting small, but seriously strong magnets, all IonLoop magnet bracelets have been developed to produce the maximum possible amount of magnetic power. Designed to be visible when worn, the magnets are powerful reminders to the wearer that she is a constant recipient of magnetic therapy. In the Original Magnet Bracelet the two magnets have been positioned for alternating polarity, which potentially enhances the overall effect of the magnets.

Ladies’ Choice

This is where even avid shoppers struggle. Choosing between the many magnet bracelet options is tricky. IonLoop has created an extensive inventory of the Original magnet bracelets to complement women’s lifestyles, from the most classic looks to the latest trends.

Whether you shop the Colors, Braided, Statement, Golf, Lacrosse, Runners, Cycling, Medical Alert, Military/Police, Pink Ribbon, or Flags of the World series, you will undoubtedly find a magnet bracelet that represents you. If this bracelet doesn’t suit your fancy you can choose from the Metal Magnet Series for a mega boost.

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