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Yes, men can wear bracelets.

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Yes, men can wear bracelets.

It’s a trend we’ve seen manifesting itself on the wrists of any number of European and American men in recent years – bracelets. In the past, bracelets were seen as a fashion accent that was reserved almost exclusively for women. However, when you turn on a TV today – you’ll see any number of baseball players, golfers and other manly men wearing some sort of bracelet – whether it’s as a fashion statement or for more functional purposes.

As a form of self-expression – we’re seeing more men make a statement today than ever before. What’s on your wrist says a lot about you and your inner character without going overboard. And it’s not just what’s on your wrist – but what the bracelet is made of – that can make biggest statement of all.

Silicone sport bracelets can help accent an outfit and appeal to more casual sensibilities. Leather bracelets can work for the man in the suit. A leather sport bracelet says just what it means – it’s restrained and serious. It’s because of that cross-demographic appeal that bracelets have finally made their way into the mainstream as an acceptable – and encouraged – form of male fashion.

In addition to being an unfussy compliment to your fashion catalogue, they can also serve to function as something practical in a man’s life. Because bracelets can communicate what’s important to the person who wears it. Hemp bracelets can say a lot about your laid back lifestyle. Negative Ion bracelets? They can say a lot about you and your active lifestyle. Even better – they may even come with a wide range of health benefits.

Negative Ion and magnet sport bracelets are said to be the ideal power source for the perpetually occupied; and many believe they can take that a step further – possibly helping to relieve muscle pain and provide significant energy boosts. So not only do Negative Ion and magnet sport bracelets look great – but they can possibly help you live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle as well.

So guys, don’t be afraid. You won’t lose any street cred wearing a sport bracelet! Just make sure that if you do – that it’s something that’s meaningful to you and helps to amplify your lifestyle.

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