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Does a Magnetic Therapy Necklace Have Healing Potential?

If you’re in the market for a magnetic necklace, you might be wondering if they have the potential to be more than just a piece of jewelry. Since their discovery many thousands of years ago, magnets have been in the spotlight of alternative treatment practitioners across the world. Even the ancient Cleopatra herself was said to use magnets to keep her skin youthful and firm. Avid followers of magnetic jewelry often make grand claims ranging from stress reduction to relief from ailments like arthritis. The anecdotal evidence is strong but do these claims hold up in science?

Scientific Evidence for the Use of Magnetic Jewelry Therapy

Despite the growing popularity of using magnets for therapy, there are only a few dozen studies that have been performed on the subject around the world. While some of these studies have come back inconclusive, there are a few that seem to indicate that magnets may have the potential to influence the human body in a positive way. One study, performed by Thomas Skalak in the University of Virginia, found that magnets could reduce swelling by up to 50%. Another study by Baylor College of Medicine found a significant reduction in pain in those using magnets.

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