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What to Look for in the Best Magnetic Bracelets

Not all magnetic jewelry is made the same. Some savvy consumers have chosen to test their jewelry using a gauss meter. A gauss meter is a cool little tool that allows you to measure the power of a magnetic field. But a gauss meter isn’t a cheap device – which is why many companies sell bracelets that produce little to no magnetic energy. Unfortunately, these unscrupulous companies know that not all their customers have the means to test their wristband’s magnetic potential. Fortunately, we’ve simplified the process of finding magnetic bracelets that work.

Effective Magnetic Jewelry Shouldn’t Be Hard to Find

The most effective magnetic bracelets are the ones that emit a certain level of magnetism. Here at IonLoop, we test all our high-quality magnets with a powerful gauss meter to ensure only the most potent magnets are used in our bracelets. We also use a 3rd party testing facility to ensure our bracelets meet stringent safety requirements. And, to top it all off, our bracelets feature magnets in an alternative polarity for an even more potent effect. Few ionic bracelet companies could say the same.

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