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Solid Black Dual Cord Bracelet (front)

Solid Black DUAL Cord Bracelet

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    Comfortable and very stylish bracelet designed with two colorful nylon cords that are loaded with negative ions and two small but powerful magnets embedded into the durable metal hook clasp. This bracelet can go anywhere…running trails, golf course, cycling, or to the office!


    • Dual Cord design
    • Negative Ions manufactured into the bands
    • Two very strong magnets
    • Durable metal hook clasp
    • Available in nine colors.

  • Product Video

    • IonLoop Magnetic Bracelet Sizing and Fit
      IonLoop Negative Ions + Magnetic Bracelets have developed vide...
    • Dual Cord Tutorial
      The Dual Cord bracelets with both Negative Ion + Magnet Techno...

    IonLoop Magnetic Bracelet Sizing and Fit

    IonLoop Negative Ions + Magnetic Bracelets have developed video that tries to answer all of our customers questions about IonLoop bracelet sizing, wrist measurement, and fit.Please go to for more information.
  • Q. Can the Tech Cord be worn in the pool?
    A. The Tech Cord is very durable and can be worn in the pool, shower, or ocean. We suggest that after you wear this bracelet in the ocean you use fresh water to rinse off the saltwater; this will help to maintain the appearance. Water will not affect the IonLoop technology.

    Q. How do I clean the new Tech Cord bracelet?
    A. We recommend that you simply use a mild soap with fresh water to clean the nylon cord; do not put the bracelet in a washing machine. Please note that sun screens, perfumes, and colognes contain indigents, which over time, might affect the vibrant cord colors. It might be a good idea to simply rinse off the bracelet if it comes in contact with any alcohol based product.

    Q. How long will the negative ions and magnets remain effective?
    A. The magnets and negative ions will last for 3-5 years before the loose their effective technology.

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    1. Stylish and effective ion loop bracelet

      I have worn the double braid bracelet for just over a week and I seem to have more energy to get through 18 hour days in 100 plus degree heat.
      Before wearing my ion loop I would become lethargic and tired about half way through the day, not anymore I am more focused.
      I will be purchasing additional bracelets in other styles.
      on 7/10/2020

    2. Great Product

      The ionloop looks great and fits perfectly. on 1/28/2020

    3. As good as advertised

      I had alot of expectations about this product after reading all about it. I actually called and talked to staff and they were able to get me a bracelet that was the perfect size. It is comfortable, durable, and is giving me great results. I feel great, and I feel great wearing it. I love this product and will be purchasing other products for my family members. on 11/7/2019

    4. Comfortable and stylish

      First saw them in bicycle magazine. I had to give it a try, and glad I did. I wear mine everyday all day. on 9/12/2019

    5. Great looking bracelet

      I bought this for the magnetic properties and the neg ions. It looks great and goes great with my Mag Fusion bracelet. I use them to help with some pain I have in my wrist and elbow. These two together make it go away. Excellent product and the customer service at Ion Loop is top notch. on 7/12/2019

    6. Looks good, stylish but most importantly, IT WORK!

      I work out every day, cardio and weight training. Was having some soreness and stiffness in my shoulder and hip. Tried the IonLoop, skeptically and amazingly, after just a handful of days the soreness disappeared. Still even more surprising, I'm sleeping better, no kidding. I bought one for my wife who was having some carpal tunnel issues. Now she is not experiencing any discomfort. We both wear our every day. on 4/26/2019

    7. Happier than Expected

      I didn't realize I would experience immediate results but I did. I was having some nerve issues in one of my arms. This has eliminated it for now. on 2/6/2019

    8. Great product

      This band fits extremely well and is one that I wear constantly. on 12/15/2018

    9. Awesome

      Wear proudly often. Thanks. Bout to order more. on 8/29/2018

    10. A Great Product!! Exactly as Promoted.

      This is my second ion Loop, double cord bracelet. Wear every day and would not be without it. I have the medium size and fit is great. I play golf and will get a new one about every two years. My wife and son gave me the black, and red and black bracelet. The clasp and hook works fine for me and never had a problem. Keep up the good work and market this product as much as possible. on 5/6/2018

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