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Black Double Wrap Leather Braided Bracelet 

Black DOUBLE Wrap Leather Bracelet

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    The double wrap fine leather eight-strand bracelets contain negative ions and a stainless steel magnet clasp. You now can “dress it up” and continue to receive the natural IonLoop technology we are known for.

    We are surrounded each day with high levels of positive ions from UV rays, cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, and in fact all electronic devices. The NEW IonLoop eight strand braided leather wristband helps you fight back with negative ions which are absorbed into your body—which is why many of the top amateur and professional athletes around the world choose to wear this fatigue fighting sport wristband. The stylish leather eight-strand appearance allows this bracelet to be worn in a more formal setting…office, dress, or business casual.

    • Superior eight-strand leather design
    • Negative Ions manufactured into the bands
    • Newly designed Brushed Stainless Steel magnet clasp 
    • Two popular drum dyed leather colors to choose from which are available in three sizes
    • A soft cotton flannel pouch is included with each bracelet
    • Available in Black and Saddle Brown in he new rectangular style


    • NOTE: Probably not a good idea to swim with leather bracelets!



  • Product Video

    • IonLoop Magnetic Bracelet Sizing and Fit
      IonLoop Negative Ions + Magnetic Bracelets have developed vide...
    • Double Wrap Leather Tutorial
      IonLoop's NEW fine double wrap leather eight-strand bracelets...

    IonLoop Magnetic Bracelet Sizing and Fit

    IonLoop Negative Ions + Magnetic Bracelets have developed video that tries to answer all of our customers questions about IonLoop bracelet sizing, wrist measurement, and fit. Please go to for more information or visit our sizing guide @
  • Q. How do I use the new clasp?
    A. To prevent losing your new bracelet this clasp has been designed not to come apart easily while in
    use. This is a simpler design and easy to clasp.
    Q. Can I swim and shower with the leather bracelet on my wrist?
    A. NO, we recommend that you do not shower or swim with your bracelet, keep it away from water if possible…especially salt water.

    Q. What should I do if my leather bracelet does happen to get soaked?
    A. Stuff happens! First air dry your bracelet but do not lay it in the sun to dry. Once dry rub a little leather conditioner into the braid with a soft cloth to add back in the natural oils that are found in the premium leather. If the bracelet has been submerged in salt water the first step should be to rinse it off with fresh cold water and then follow the steps listed above.

    Q. Will sun cream, hand cream, or cologne damage my leather bracelet?
    A. Yes…over time they will discolor your IonLoop, alcohol is found in all these products and leather does not mix well with alcohol.

    Q. I see that the stainless steel clasp has a strong magnet but where are the negative ions found?
    A. The negative ions are manufactured inside the 8 strand leather braid and will discharge their beneficial negative ions for about 4-5 years.

    Q. Are these leather bracelets unisex?
    A. Yes they are meant to worn by fashionable men & women all over the globe. The sizes range from small to large, and mirror the IonLoop bracelet sizes. So if you are a small in an IonLoop you are a small in a leather bracelet. Remember not too tight!

    Q. What do I do if dirt/ oxidation accumulate in the clasp and the magnets don’t hold as well as before?
    A. Spray a small amount of WD-40 on the end of a Q-Tip and clean both ends of the clasp. The WD-40 will also coat the metal and serve as a protectant. Be careful not to get the WD-40 on the bracelet …just the metal.

    Q. How long is the warranty on the leather bracelets?
    A. We offer a One year warranty against manufacture defects, which would of course exclude normal wear & tear.

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    1. Double Wrap Bracelet

      Really like it on 5/25/2021

    2. Double wrap is awesome !

      Recently purchased a double wrap bracelet and I am very pleased. Looks great and is very rugged. will most likely order again! on 4/6/2021

    3. Bracelet

      Great product! Wear it every day! Light and comfortable. Just bought another bracelet also! on 1/25/2021

    4. Great bracelet

      This a very comfortable good looking item. I would recommend to anyone. on 8/27/2020

    5. My double wrap is great.

      I really like the new fashioning magnets. This is my 3rd double wrap over 4 years. Like the feel. I got the other 2 wet to much. on 7/23/2020

    6. Fantastic

      This bracelet looks great, I wear it all the time. I don't know yet if it actually does what it says it is supposed to do. on 6/19/2020

    7. Double wrap leather bracelet

      Nice fitting and leather looks classy alongside the crisp magnetic catch on 3/21/2019

    8. High Quality and Well Designed Bracelet

      Leather make this a very practical, nice fitting, and durable bracelet. But the magnetic clasp adds a more contemporary touch and look. I can wear this and look good with any clothing outfit and golf with it too. on 9/18/2018

    9. Double wrap leather bracelet

      I measured my wrist but apparently I measured a little to tight & cannot wear it. Hopefully I will be allowed to exchange it for a larger one. Otherwise I wear all of my other ion loop bracelets (5) everyday. on 9/9/2018

    10. Do I like the bracelet?

      I'm getting used to it. I don't wear stuff like this, only a watch on my left wrist when I remember it. After two weeks, I'm not exactly ready for an Olympics tryout, but I feel just fine, so maybe it's working!! on 6/25/2018


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